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Re: Death threatening psycho ARRESTED

I wait until something official is said because clearly in such a situation there can be false rumours.

Originally Posted by Gustavo Kuerten View Post
This guy shouldn't get any more attention. Celebrities get death threats a lot, but it rightfully almost never makes the media.
First I think you're wrong : it doesn't happen that often. Why do I think that ? The Swiss police were questioned about how they would deal with such a situation and they said they just had never met such a situation (in an article today), all they know is people who are threatened by other people they know ; besides, in such a situation, probably celebrities would get higher protection and then I guess that would usually be known.

As for you, how do you "know" that "celebrities get death threats a lot ?"

Secondly the reason why it made the media is very simple and clear : the Chinese police were cautious and the public is forbidden for his training sessions and he will not sign autographs. What do you think people would have thought if the organizers had not said the situation ?

As for the media, clearly the English-speaking media were more cautious to spread that information : it was in the Swiss media much before. I don't know if that's the way they want to deal with such situations not make publicity to the crazy guy, maybe, I don't know.

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