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Re: Rafael Nadal Injury/Health Update Thread : Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC etc

Originally Posted by tribalfusion View Post
How is that embarrassing? It happens all the time time with people in the real world sometimes out of affection and sometimes just playfully. His winnings and skill don't impact whether someone wants to call him a kid.
We may well disagree on this matter, but I just cannot accept any a multi-millionaire sportsman still to be viewed as a 'kid' when being 26 years of age, and, moreover - already a genuine, regarded, heralded, multiple GS-winner and veteran after over 10 years of competeting at the ultmate top level at his sport. I think such is indeed embarrassing, if not right-out insulting.

It's his rather ghastly crew surrounding him that keeps on pushing this image of him being some kind of an innocent, ultimately vulnerable 'kid' - and yes I do hope Rafa will get rid of them - most notably that Tio Toni guy -one day, hopefully that day will come soon enough.
Just my opinion.

Good to read that he may well be back to compete at the WTF this year. Here's me hoping that indeed he will - the year-end-battle should not be without one of the major players indeed holding a GS title over this year.
Hope to see you around at the WTF this year Rafa, and if possible, even before that.

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