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Re: Just curious...what religion are you?

Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
Well, being all powerful and all knowing, god will know everything that will ever happen. Thus at the moment of creation, why would he create anything less than perfect? Unless he/she is malicious, of course. Goodness is just something that people assume.
Cause God is human. He is not perfect, he's made some mistakes, he himself will probably admit. But he still tries to do his best. I believe that God exists, I believe there is one overruling energy in the universe. I don't know the extent of his perfection and power and all knowing and all this, but I do believe he is there, doing his best to run the universe. As humans, we just need to respect each other, be open minded and loving for each and every living being in the world. Most of all, tolerance for those who believe different things, ability to agree to disagree, and still love each other.

What are your beliefs, mate?

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