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Re: Most coveted record

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Clay GOATness should be the one record that every player wants, it's the surface of surfaces. One surface that rules them all, it's where legends are made, where heroes arise, where Spartans are born. Bet Fed would trade in his 16 other slams for another RG crown, heck for a RG win against Rafa, maybe even for taking him to 5 once at the battlefield of the gods. vamos.
This is one retarded post. I've been around for a few years now and frankly, this is ridiculous, retarded, fangirlish, moronic, idiotic, stupid all at once.

It is as if you were able to channel all the retardation from all the extreme Rafatards (Clay Douche, Start da Coin, Everfail, Topspinclown, Raferminator, RFK and the rest of those morons) and combine it into a single post. Very impressive stuff. I am stupider to have read it, but I am not unhappy that I did because as you probably know, I love tards.

This was a gem.
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