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Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
No, no. They have been banned for too long and have missed their chance. CD would have won last year if not for Filo V's huge mental breakdown which saved CD and gave Filo the crown (and he still only won the final by like 3 votes, mind you). Start da cowardice sure deserved the title as well but he chickened out as we all know.Nah. Nick da Greek, Lenders, pusher for life etc, even EliSter are hotter contenders this year I think.
The Rafatards have taken huge blows this year with the permabanning of SdG and especially CD, who were like the clown gurus of the MTF Nadal fanbase. Add to this the fact that Nadal being out of tennis has lead to a lot less activity from Nadaltards on this forum lately - naturally, since they don't watch any other player.

These are the two best clowns never to have won the ACC , Start da Fail and Clay Death. It would be a shame if neither of them ever won it. I agree with your list of hot contenders, but I don't think any of them are more deserving winners than the top two banned Rafatards. And Topspinclown has really been campaigning hard recently.

Not to be forgotten: Everfail, questioning Murray' s USO win because Rafa did not play it... That was a spectacular post, semis worthy.

It could be a good one.
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