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Re: 1st 2012 US Presidential Election Televised Debate

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
McCain was actually the best candidate for the Presidency in the last 20 years, in terms of his personal integrity and ability to work with others. Without exception, all of the others have been very far of center. And the Democrats especially. People think Bush was some sort of extremist, but he was a hardline moderate compared to Clinton, Kerry or Obama. They are the most left-wing of all the left-wing politicians. Same with Romney. He doesn't appeal to the most right-wing of the base because he's not an extremist. The media are experts at allowing DNC extremists become viable candidates. The Republicans put up candidates who are not in the center, but are not at the extreme end of their party. The Democrats always put up the most leftist members. Kerry was absolute most liberal member of the senate for decades, more so than Kennedy even.

And instead of that, we get an American Idol contest with tabloid news coverage.

And putting too much stock in a debate is never a good thing. Plenty of intelligent and articulate people are not good in debates. And plenty that are really just babbling idiots can dominate them. Same with speakers. Clinton is the most overrated speaker in history, because the press loves him. In reality, his speeches were/are always about how to say nothing that matters and distorted talking points.
In America perhaps.

On Murray

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He probably just hangs about in 2nd place protecting himself with 3 bananas whilst waiting for the person in the lead to get blue shelled.
Nadal 2015

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Nadull was not injured. The reason he was moving like shit near the end of the third set is because of the depression of knowing your opponent is superior in all departments.

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