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Re: 1st 2012 US Presidential Election Televised Debate

How a nightmare? I don't understand what difference people think they will see. Obama has utterly failed in every aspect of his Presidency. And his DOJ in particular will go down as the most corrupt and divisive in history.

If the DNC had any real integrity and concern about the country, they would never have nominated Obama for a second term. Same as the RNC in 2004. They should never have allowed Bush to receive the party nomination. The political parties only care about their positions, not the greater good.

And don't forget that long before the unprecedented bias of the 2008 election, the press have always twisted the debates to serve their purpose. Kerry was absolutely terrible and transparently false against Bush and yet all we heard about was how he won and he was going to win the election. And of course we know how that turned out.

The debates have always been overrated. It will depend on their ability to use voter fraud in the close states and getting the lowest elements of society to turn out in record numbers to cast votes for Obama again.

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