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Re: Toni: "When facing Roger the idea was always to slow down the points"

Nadal fluked slams in a weak clay era, vultured titles in 2010 off a bunch of mugs, clownish behaviour allowed him a career grand slam. Hewitt beat Nadull 4 times, illustration of fluke player Rafo is. Toni sucess in mafia style secured Nadal more RG than Borg but not without trade off with devil. No Borg like hair for Nadal in 50s, but extra dental imprint on priceless trophy leaving french tennis bankrupt caused Gasquet to snort and forced to leave for some time. Mugpras began the process in 97 and tennis riped new hole ever since.

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I'm gonna be checked again. Guess where i am going ?
The guy started massaging my balls harder and faster. I was so relaxed and disconnected i didn't notice, but my body did i had a massive boner and apologized, then he told me "are u excited, uh?" and it was obvious where he wanted to go .. inside my a**
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