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Re: Toni: "When facing Roger the idea was always to slow down the points"

For those interested in more of what Toni had to say - from @raulfiber:

" Juan Martín del Potro is a very complete player, hard to beat and to move around. He is an aspiring world n1"

"Juan Monaco has improved a lot this year. He is a player that lacks punch in key moments but is very complete and hard to beat"

"David Nalbandian is one of the classiest and better skilled in the Tour. He is capable of the best tennis, but not a fighter"

On Spanish Golden Generation: "Money is important but the most important is the personal effort from every sportman." "Sometimes it spontaneously appears, but watching your neighbour progress right next to you shows you you can do it too"
On Nadal's fame - some more facepalm quotes.

"No one is that big when you saw him grow. We've seen him come of age and know he is like the rest of us" "My nephew hasn't got the success of Borg or Lendl but had his share, all and all being a normal guy" "I think that everybody who feels special, the only special thing about them is its' head that's not working well" "The only special thing about my nephew is that he is a good tennis player and goes to a fancy hotel. Rafael is a normal guy" "It's true that he has a lot of money and is well known but Rafael knows what's important in life which is the same for everyone" "Those driven by success lose their north in life. We live in a society that praises success way too much" "It is normal that Rafael is impressed about his success. I insist that an obedient person and well guided does better in life" "Dont like calling someone a star when they do things well. My nephew's no star in tennis"
Get his point that he doesn't think hitting a ball makes you a star but whether he likes it or not, Nadal is a star. And don't get me started on not having the success of Lendl. Borg one can debate as Borg was the first real tennis superstar. But Nadal's definitely a bigger star than Lendl.
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