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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! 100% going forward! Hopefully.

Gilles doesn't need a coach, he needs 2 physio.
Well, I actually think he needs maybe a nutritionist, not entirely sure if that will helps. But I think his constant problems with his body needs a revolutionary solution, which is what? I don't know . Maybe he has some deficiency in something, vitamins? minerals? Okay, nevermind me, just brainstorming here with my non-exist medical knowledge. But I really do think he needs to go deeper to try to find out if he can fix it. I remember Rafter used to cramp a lot and he went to see a specialist that tested everything to find out how to fix that cramping problem. So maybe there's a specific reason for Gilles' constant problems too that is fixable?

Anyway, it's useless whatever I say here. But I'm so frustrated hearing his problems, and he's probably about 100 times more frustrated than me since he's actually having to deal with his problems.

As for losing 1st round here, oh well, at least he's not losing to a nobody. Maybe it's not a bad thing. Maybe now that he has a little more time to rest and get over the pain, maybe he'll be able to perform better in Shanghai? Not that I'm holding my breath hoping for that, just cheering myself up imagining some positive possibility.

BTW, not that we got to see what happened yesterday. But based on last week, when he was actually serving well against Tipsy, he didn't give out any break at all. Yesterday, he's back to getting constant pressure at his own serve games. That serve, is always the key.
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