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Beijing R2: [1]Djokovic accepts heart-warming gift from Warlocq 6-1, 6-3

Oh man. I love you so much Charly. You are such a generous guy.... how can you not love him? He knows if he tries, no one stands a chance. We saw what Warlocq was capable off at *5-0 in that 2nd set. Everyone was expecting a bagel right? WRONG BITCHES!!!!!!!!! He scared Nole so much that he double faulted on break point.... too fucking good from Charly. He even trolled Nole at 5-1* in the 2nd set, lulling him into false sense of security. But NO! Charly holds for *5-2, proving his pathetic doubters wrong. He plays even more Godlier tennis to break again and bring it to 5-3*.

But then Warlocq felt so sorry for him and just gave it back to Nole quickly, being the generous guy that he is. Double faults on MP to make it respectable for his good friend. Novak is clearly the inferior player by far compared to him. We saw what Charly is capable of when he tries even 0.00001% harder. From 5-0, to 5-3, was something so beautiful from him, it drew me to tears....tears of hope that our existence in this special planet means something. We can all learn something from Charly. He is our God. No... he is more than that.... Charly Warlocq is in his own league. We love you Charly.

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I've played the game for close to 10 years. This should come as no surprise to many.

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