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Re: Honest assessment of Novak's year by his fans

Originally Posted by Sophocles View Post
Yes this is the big difference. And also just luck. It went his way last year in close matches; this year not so much, apart from the A.O.
I don't buy the "luck" factor for Djokovic in 2012 comparing to 2011 :

- in the only slam he won, luck was in his favour both against Nadal and Murray.

- in Roland-Garros defeating Tsonga was a miracle.

Only against Fed in the US Open did he have this kind of luck in 2011. So no I think the "luck" factor is overrated by some Djokovic-fans this year. Most importantly he was more fragile imo.

I can fully understand that Djokovic-fans are disappointed by his US Open and also Roland-Garros and Wimbledon losses, but he lost them much more because of his own failures than because of the external elements which are brought by some :

- in the US Open, there was some wind but Murray choked so much the first set that Djokovic should clearly have won it ; second set Djokovic had a disastrous start without which he would have won it ;

- in Wimbledon, he was not good against Fed, whether roof or not ;

- against Nadal on clay, he started too slowly and failed in fourth set, he was one break up when the match started second day and Nadal was very nervous ; besides, in Roma he had everything to beat Nadal once again if he had not made a huge number of sloppy errors, and surely that would have prevented Nadal from getting back confidence.

I mean I can understand it's very disappointing but he was not near from winning those matches, it's not like some disappointments having match point or being 2 points away from the match ; he was clearly too fragile.

Besides, the only slam he won he was much nearer to losing it than he was near to winning the others.

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