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Re: Most coveted record

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
Hey, at least I am fan of a player who doesn't cry like a little girl after a losing in a GS and not a massive pigeon of another top player. Noserer is GOAT? Perhaps in your wet dreams where Nadal doesn't exist and the old man has back to back calendar slams from 2006/2007. Real tennis fans prefer to live in reality, unlike fangirls
You must be living in a dream world mate..
Most tennis fans consider federer to be GOAT. Along with most commentators and experts. Having a losing record against one player indiacates only a bad match up..
Nadal had his chance to overtake federer but djokovic and injury spoiled it for him..
Federer has come the closest to having calendar slams (losing in the finals of RG to the clay GOAT) after laver.
And seriously, showing emotion after losing an important match does not make anyone a crybaby..

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