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Re: Honest assessment of Novak's year by his fans

Interesting. So most Novak fans are satisfied. Where are the fans then who were so confident that 2012 would be a procession? I'm sure I could look back at posts from a year ago which basically could not imagine that Nadal or Federer could ever beat Novak again after US Open 2011.... It really was "who can beat him"?! Interesting how pendulum has swung so much so that very few have that level of confidence anymore... Even in January post-Aus Open I'm sure the thought was that he was unbeatable. Did the summer results change perceptions?

Personally I think Novak will never get to 2011 level again - it was his absolute peak - and really to me it was only from Aus 11 to Rome 11 - RG, Wimbledon, US Open etc. weren't flawless tennis like those few months were - he was still great but that 5 month period was amazing. Nadal had it in 2008 (even in 2010 was more successful slam wise), Fed in 2006. Still win a lot but not at that same unreachable level.

Would be interesting to know what Novak's own expectations were and how he assesses the year. The statements at the start of the year were all about going for RG and Olympics and getting that non-calendar slam - credit to him for not slumping after those disappointments.
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