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Re: Unofficial Live ATP Rankings

It's actually not a problem with the rule itself, it has its uses. It's about the fact that the sig was only 100 pixels over the limit. Most of all, it's unfair because regular users can fill three instances of an iPhone's screen with quotes inside their signature, while putting in an image messes with their width, so they have to use lateral scroll. It all becomes okay when someone posts an image inside a message and the image's width passes 600 pixels. That's when the lateral scroll becomes okay.

Most of all, I find it very strange that this is the only popular forum I know that actually has you pay to put in images in your signatures. What is up with that ? Don't other forums have users that connect using their iPhones ?

Why I don't want to shrink it. The image is already very unclear. I would have to cut out 150 pixels from the width to actually make it fit. At that size, the text in the picture is unclear, while the images have a very low quality. It would have no value. I really love the work I put into the sig, and I find it so unfair that I am told to make it smaller, when users around here have sigs much bigger in height, and some even have images going along with their text.

The rule should be adapted IMO. Should be somewhere in the middle. 800 pixels wide, 400 pixels high only if the sig has no text, and if there is text in the sig to go along, limited to the old rule. I do think that users connecting with lower-end screens won't see much of a difference, because most users will prefer to add text, adhering to the old rule. I consider that my image speaks for itself.

What about if I don't post at all. Am I allowed to have my image at a decent quality in that case?
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