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Re: Slasher's new signature

Originally Posted by SloKid View Post
The signature is too big, make it smaller:
POLICY: Avatars and Signatures

And for our premium members also:

No animated sigpics
Sigpics should not exceed a total height of 225 pixels
Sigpics should not exceed a total width of 600 pixels
I will obey of course, but let it be known that it's terribly unfair to have image-only sigs that are much smaller than text-only sigs, yet okay to have text sigs that are big. The image is not even uploaded on your site, so there is no storage issue. I can actually write a "novel" with all the quotes I can find on the forum and it will be 4 times bigger than an image, and then add an image too which obeys the "unfair" rule. In fact, it's unfair enough that I want to regret spending 25 bucks for it. I mean, it's not really worth supporting this site at all (money or otherwise), there is absolutely nothing to gain from it, if my sig is "way too big" for only 100 pixels, when other people can fill 500 more pixels with text.

You may also close/delete/burn this thread, because the sig is done... You have the power, you're admin.

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