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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Sweet Cleopatra Fan Club.

Originally Posted by EliSter View Post

nope, just sick . the worst thing about being sick, i couldn't even enjoy macca pancakes today .

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post

Hates sunglasses , hates long haired men likes shoes and clothes
i agree about the sunglasses, i prefer to wear cap/hat. as for long hair, what do you consider to be long? sometimes my hair is long due to lazyness to cut it plus i enjoy making my persian hairdresser work for the money.

Celebrated Mugrin's birthday too much?
nope, i hope your not on suicide watch after mugrin lost to andreea.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
No, you should be above me.
well i'm currently loving pounding you from the rear but i can't wait to mount you and be on top .

Didn't register today because I forgot my passport. I love how organised I am. Also woke up this morning depressed as hell because it was raining outside.
melancholy trips . have you been oppressed yet?

Originally Posted by fast_clay View Post
i had no idea she was such a voice of reason, truth and freedom... i feel bad now for the stuff i did...

and as such, i fully endorse the change of thread title thanos, god of several sexually transmitted diseases...
will you be conducting the acc betting thread and putting little john as favourite?
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