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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Sweet Cleopatra Fan Club.

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
you never once said anything nice to me

Originally Posted by Gagsquet View Post
JLH= just like heaven fyi Thanos
thanks, unrelated note the first time someone on the internet said fyi to me. i thought they were insulting me because i thought it meant fuck you idiot.

Originally Posted by Sophitia36 View Post
Why? What's wrong about Leos? Are they... narcissistic attention seekers?
you said it... not me. mtf is full of leos and capricorns, i just wanted to boast about the taurus minority such as myself.

Originally Posted by August View Post
If Ferrer at least equals most titles won this year, I'll include him in my Player of the Year thread's poll.

Btw, well done Jarkko by winning 1st set against Raonic.
will tomic be included in your poll?

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

Cos I'm in London and it takes 10 years to get to Australia from here? If I go to the AO, will you meet me there? Still waiting for your pic btw.
what you travelling by boat to australia . i don't know what happening next year because i suppose to go overeas during that time. plus i don't plan so far ahead anymore.

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
andreea, why copil got a beijing wc?
to destroy mugrin and make hema cry.

Originally Posted by nick the greek View Post
Ha, ha.Where is that girl?
she still sad about rafa not playing. it's nice to have another fedhater in here .

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Most likely, Tiriac's influence helped that. It's the only possible way.
you can take away the one of question marks from your signature because everyone knows tomic be the next number one.
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