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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Well, not really. During the last couple of months, I've learned the hard way that focusing too much on vocabulary is not a good thing to do. Did you read my log? If you do you'll see what I'm talking about. I like Anki, it's a very useful tool but it's easy to become its slave if you go too fast because you have more and more words to review every day. If you get lazy one day you have twice more words the next day. It's a vicious circle, and I've gotten caught in it twice. At the moment though I'm all caught up with my reviews

And also, you have to have some source for the words, it's a bad idea to enter words from the dictionary or from a word list into Anki (like I used to do) just to fulfill the daily quota. Those words are three times harder to remember than words encountered in learning materials. So goals are best defined by "finish this grammar book", not "learn 1000 words".

By the way, I'm still studying Finnish too, or at least trying to. It's not going very quickly
I read your log when you first posted the link but haven't gone back since. But I do get that too much focus on vocab is not a good thing -think that applies to any language. Chinese students who learn English face the same problem. Their vocabulary is extensive but they have difficulty in putting it all together.

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She wishes she had a fraction of the acumen, enterprise, and statesmanship of the kaliagnar.
Negative. I do not recollect ever pining for those qualities. Perfectly content with their lack thereof.

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Hello!!! How's everyone?

More later this week...
Look who's back.

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