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Re: Is Rafael Nadal Parera an underachiever?

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post

Noserer is probably the LPOAT (luckiest player of all time). If he played in an era where players had balls and talent, he would have less than 10 slams. When Nadal and Djoker reached their prime, he struggled to win 1 slam every year. It's easy to dominate when your "rivals" consist of Roddick and Hewitt.
So Nadal and Djokovic are allowed to reach a seeming "peak" yet Federer isn't allowed to have years where he has left his "peak" because fact is is Federer left his peak before Nadal/Djokovic started their peaks, so honestly your analysis is piss poor as usual. Your clownism becomes even more evident considering Roddick has a winning record over Djokovic, and Hewitt has a 3-1 record over Nadal on hardcourts and 1-0 on grass over Rafa, as in he had a 4-1 H2H record over Rafa at one point before Rafa only started facing an aging Hewitt on clay.. Hell, Hewitt should have taken that Hamburg match, but whatever. Either way, these "clowns" of Roddick and Hewitt gave Djokovic and Nadal a run for their money.

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