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Re: Is Rafael Nadal Parera an underachiever?

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
Peak Nadal destroys Noserer on any surface as was demonstrated in 2008/early 2009. The mono excuse Noserertards have cooked up was really pathetic in my opinion. It's time to admit that Noserer's career and GOAT status is tainted by his inability to beat Nadal on the big stage and being his turkey on clay - not even my opinion, btw. It's the opinion of many pundits, sports journalists and commentators. GOAT my ass Even Clownpras had winning H2H against Drugassi....Noserer got humiliated by Nadal time and time again, while succeeding against gutless mugs like Roddick and Hewitt who bent down nice and low every time he faced them

I guess it's too bad Nadal turned pro - Noserer would have won 20+ slams by now and 2 calendar slams back to back giving sycophants like yourself even more reason to kiss his ass.
Federer's level in his three/four dominant years was ridiculously good. He alone arguably prevented Roddick and Hewitt from becoming 6+ slam winners, or at least one of them anyway (they'd have most likely faced off in a few finals)

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