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Re: Is Rafael Nadal Parera an underachiever?

Originally Posted by Fujee View Post
Because Nadal has consistently struggled on fast courts, besides the few exceptions. Also, it's simple fact that the courts have slowed down considerably. It's his biggest help but also his biggest enemy, he needs the slower speeds to thrive yet they damage his knees.

I like the guy but you gotta see that at least.
Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Grass is a better surface for Rafa than slow HC as seen by his performances at WI compared to AO/IW/Miami.
Your statement is incorrect.

Your statement is incorrect. nadal has played several 5 setters, losing this year in the 2nd round, in the early rounds of wimbledon. I can recall haase, petzschner and soderling.

Why?! Because the grass is still "real" grass in the 1st week. As the tournament goes on and the grass turns into clay then nadal excels. If any of the 3 guys I mentioned above had some balls, a la Rosol, nadal wouldn't have won Wimbledon.

nadal excels at clay and it is easy to understand why he excels at wimbledon 2nd week.

Also a video everyone already knows about.


It would be a laugh watching nadal get owned by journeymen in Wimbledon with real grass.

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