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Re: Your take on the Gangnam Style song

Originally Posted by BroTree123 View Post

Ok good, then just leave it at that. But if you're gonna talk shit about Nole and your "assumptions" that he likes shitty songs like "Call me Maybe" and "Rebecca Black's Friday", then be relevant by contributing your opinions to other threads, such as hate threads dedicated to Nole, or more specifically the thread created by Nole Rules yesterday. If you did, then I wouldn't be asking such questions.

It's not my fault that you started steering this thread off course by declaring your assumptions about Nole. You hate Nole. Yes we get it - spread your haterade somewhere else more relevant. And with that reply of yours to my question, it seems like I've hit a truthful nerve there. Fuckin' A. Case rested. My job here is done.
I posted about crappy songs, songs that No2e likes so I am on topic. You still are not. What does that make you?
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