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Re: Slasher's new signature

The signature is a tribute, not an information panel. The idea was to create something unique and imaginative out of commonly known information, and make it a bit interactive. I thought the idea of portraying tennis players into beings with superhuman abilities was cute and interesting, although it was obvious that not everyone will appreciate it. I worked a few weeks carefully designing, cropping and editing the images to adhere to my views on mentioned players and it is for the people who appreciate it, not for the ones who don't.

About it being too big, I'll have you know it respects the forum's rule for maximum sig image width (600 pixels). The height cannot be reduced due to the fact that the image will be compressed, quality destroyed, and value nulled. I compensated for this by not adding any text. I could have done that and made the signature much larger than it is right now. Again, the sig's height (463 pixels) is lower than many other sigs with text only, or text and images that offer tribute to players or other stuff.
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