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Re: Your take on the Gangnam Style song

Originally Posted by BroTree123 View Post
Are you seriously that hypocritically stupid? You took a swipe at "No2e" based on this song, as well other songs you mentioned. And I replied with a direct question in regards to that. Pretty sure this thread is about the song, and the song only (ie. not bashing Nole because of his song choices, or for anything else for that matter). So who got off topic first, you or me?

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I post about the song, about other song quality. No2e happens to like bad and cheesy songs and there is a thread dedicated to No2e and this very song... I could not be more on topic.

You on the other hand make it a point to not discuss the song but comment about me as a poster... Think about it and see how retarded your contribution to this thread is.

Originally Posted by EliSter View Post
Owned. Ignore BigMug, his only life achievement is posting on MTF.
Another dim witted personal attack post from you. It gets you off, doesn't it...

I'd like to take this opportunity to expose that sad little poster for the annoying little twat that he is: here is libel comment from him about me from another thread:

Originally Posted by EliSter View Post
And stop stalking me.
Tell me, who is stalking who? Aand you should learn what owned means, you seem to be confused about the definition of that term.
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