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Re: 2012 MTF Top 10 Favourite Retired Players (4th update in post #110)

1) Gustavo Kuerten

A wonderful, charismatic player with a special connection to the audience.
Loved to see him play so much and really regret it that I didn't went to tournaments earlier to see him play live.
It's such a shame that Guga's career was overshadowed by his hip problems.

The next 3 players I like equally and therefore I had to draw their ranking by lot:

2) Stefan Edberg

I really enjoyed it that I got to see him playing live this year in Halle for the first time (especially in company of a huge Edberg fan who was so happy that his dream came true to see his idol )

Unforgettable rivalry especially with Boris Becker.

3) Michael Stich

Also got to see him for the first time playing live this year in Halle in a showmatch against Edberg.

Brilliant player – Pete Sampras once said he would be the player with the best game when he had a good day - who could have achieved more when he would have been more amibitious, was unfortunately never really respected in Germany.
What an irony that even on the day of his biggest triumph it was all about Becker even on the court when the umpire said "Game, Set and Match Becker"...

A shame that he had to retire so early...

4) Patrick Rafter

The best player who never got to win Wimbledon.

I would have so loved to see him winning in Wimbledon one day, but who will ever forget his match against Goran? What an atmosphere there was on that day

I would have loved to see Pat around longer.

5) Boris Becker

Where would have tennis been in Germany without him?

I remember his first triumph in Wimbledon, the yellow Boris T-Shirt I had...
I don't really like him that much now, but will never forget how he has really been responsible for awaking my interest in tennis.

6) Fernando Gonzalez

I'm glad I got to see him play live once in Basel.
He was such a pleasure to watch when his game was on.

It's sad that the last stage in his career had been overshadowed by injury problems and forced him to retire.

7) Pete Sampras

I didn't really liked him for beating my favourite players back then all the time, but I always had huge respect for his achievements, even more when I witnessed Roger trying to equal and surpass Pete's records.

8) Magnus Norman

Unfortunately he had to retire quite early due to health problems.

I especially remember his final against Guga in Roland Garros which nearly cost me all my fingernails

9) Andre Agassi

I was never a fan of him during his "rebel" years, but I really respected him for his comeback after his fall in the rankings.
He dropped a bit in my favourite ranking after having read his autobiography and witnessing his behaviour in the Haiti charity event.

10) Michael Westphal

Unforgettable for his DC match against Tomas Smid.
It's a tragedy that he died so young.
I will never forget how sad I was when I heard the news on TV

Honorable mention to Andy Roddick, Mats Wilander, Magnus Gustafsson, David Wheaton, Cedric Pioline and Alex Corretja
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