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Re: Racquet customization

Originally Posted by 62strat View Post
I began adding lead to my racquets about two months ago and have seen a sharp drop in my win loss ratio. I've played probably 25 matches and have won only five of them. I lose because I either hit the ball out or hit it into the net, not because my opponents are better than me. these are all unforced errors.

I leaded up all three of my racquets (head radicals) with 4 grams at 12:00 on the hoop in order to increase the swing weight to around 340, from about 320. I did not polarize because I don't want to mess with the grip on the handle, hot glue, and fishing weights wrapped in cotton. Therefore, my racquet is now more or less head heavy as opposed to head light.

Prior to leadening up my racquet, I won more matches than I lost.

I'm starting to think that the lead is hurting my game. I didn't want to think that, because you know, "a bad carpenter blames his tools" and the like. But perhaps I just can't handle the extra swing weight, even though it was a very modest increase? Is it all in my head, or is there any logic to this?

For what it's worth, I experimented with playing a match last night with the lead off, but it didn't make any difference. I actually made more unforced errors than with the lead.

I'm a 3.0 NTRP player.

any advice?

Okay my friend,

Leading, when done right, can be a great thing. At the 3.0 Level you probably still need to focus on technique. Bumping up the swing weight that much will only serve to hurt your game. Further, making a racket more head heavy adds to the amount of topspin that can be generated, but increases the torque of a racket (measured as force x distance) with increased torque, comes less control. If you really are set on using tape, try tail-weighting the racket at ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. I currently use a IG Radical Pro, but before that I was using an Dunlop 4d 100. With that, I wrapped tape twice around the racket right above the grip (where the rubber slip cover thing is.) By doing that I did not have to remove the grip. Then, I took about 1/4th the length of the tape i used on the handle and ripped that into two equal pieces. I laid those on either side of the holes where the grommets lie, and that provided me with a fairly decent setup. Give this a try, and let me know if you have any more questions.
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