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Re: *~* Pics of MTF members!!! *~* #4

I doubt if you or anyone of us will ever get an Explanation b/c i dont think its needed, its pretty clear what was going on.

Gagsquet - bravo knowing all the way, i must say i thought ur crazy or just couldnt stand her.

Nina - dont change and stop beliving b/c of this case, this site is full of great ppl.

i think that "she" in her off line life is not happy or pretty, my guess is that she wanted a Positive attention from ppl so she put a fake pic with a fake life, the one she was dreaming or something.

i wont dance on someones blood, she was super wrong but it wont make me doubt other ppl until they are proven Otherwise in the future.

i hope in the future if someone wants to upload his pic, let it be his real pic, if not just dont upload it at all..

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
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