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Re: Why do you like tennis?

- Match ups - Every opponent will show you different skills and characters. You have to strive on being competitive while respecting the ability every opponent has to take the match out of your hands.

- The different techniques, the way the players use their physiques to their advantage while managing their weaknesses

- The mental chess-like strategic side, which is unlike any other sport

- The momentum shifts and the tension created by BIG points - tension which the audience of the match can feel as much as the players.

- No two players in the World have the same game

- The steady waltz the players have with one another as they battle physical exhaustion and mental fatigue.

- The effect the past has on you. Positives from the past can create the momentum which effectively wins you matches, but your ability to manage the negatives from the past and the resulting frustrations and insecurities is what determines your ability to succeed - Tennis is essentially a test of your character as much as it is an examination of your physical abilities. This fact is fascinating.

The balance a player must have between aggression and control

The sheer amount of freedom a player has with what they do on the court. Ranging from flat out blasting the ball to variety and finesse, top-spin, slice etc

- New Tennis balls smell better than glue or patrol

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