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Re: New teams for 2013

This is from Robert Lindstedts blog. Making a quick translation as I see many are interested in the new teams and some of the stuff already posted is confirmed and it's always nice with some of the reasons behind the switches.

Nestor/Mirnyi splits up. I've heard some different reasons and the one I believe in I won't write here. But as I said, both will switch partners. From a professional view this is one of two stupid moves, but it's more than just results that play in. Nestor will play with Mahesh Bhupathi next year

Bopanna/Bhupathi will stop playing. Bopanna wants to play on the backhandside next year and they haven't had as good of a season as they should. New partner for Mahesh is Daniel Nestor as said, Who Rohan will play with is not yet decided. as far as I know. Rumor is that he will go back to Quereshi who he had a nice season with 2011. But I have also heard that if Quereshi/Rojer makes the Masters they will continue. We'll see.

Llodra/Zimonjic. Since Llodra dropped so much in singles ranking he decided to go more for singles and in the middle of the season he changed his schedule with Nenad. He didn't go to the Masters tournaments in Canada and US, and not to Asia either. So in other words he destroyed the teams chances to reach the Masters in London. It's understandable it cracks then.

Lindstedt/Tecau. Yes, we are stopping. This is the other of the two professionally stupid switches. We know that. But as I said there are other reasons playing in. Me and Horia felt we could need a little break and some fresh air under our wings. Don't read that we are enemies and can't stand each other, that is completely wrong! But we have played together for 3 years now and that is long for a doubles team. It is a very demanding relationship as doubles partners.

Me and Horia has had 3 successful seasons behind us. This is no easy decision. But when Zimonjic asked me during summer it was an option impossible to not consider. There are three doubles players in the world I wanted to play with and that is Nestor, Bjorkman and Zimonjic. Finally me and Horia concluded that we should take a break in 2013. I really look forward to this new challenge. Nenad has been one fo the worlds top3 indiviual doublesplayers the last years and I think and believe we could do big things together. Nenad will move to the backhand box where he's played before.

I of course want to thank Horia for these years. We have helped each other up to stable top 10 players and I really hope he will stay there, just as I want to.

Who Horia will play with is as far as I know, not completely decided yet and when it is he can announce it himself when feeling ready. He sort of got a bit more media attention there in Romania.

It's a little hard to explain the sitation in a blog like this. I don't want to bring up everything we talked about me and Horia. But yet again I want to point out we are not enemies! And of course we will play the season out and fight as hard as previous years.

Mine and Nenads first tournament will be Stockholm Open where we have a chance to build our team because Horia felt to worn out to come. It's understandable and we took the same decision last year. So that will be a perfect week for me and Nenad.

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