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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for October

Originally Posted by Direnan View Post
Here, a player can submit in 2 tournaments and not ask OUT in the first, can sent picks "nonstandard", can play all weeks and not help in anyone, can complain about any little thing...

And a manager can't not post a entry list, in 1 tournament only, for important reasons?

If this were more times, i don't will reclaim, but was only 1 time.

With regards to a player committing to two events at once - that is an issue that you can remember for the next Changes thread.

Picks sent in the wrong format - a Manager can give a warning/penalise a player if they so choose - personally I never have and never would, I think it's more productive to send a PM to the player explaining why they're in the wrong format which always seems to work.

Theres some people in the world who you could give a cheque for a million pounds/dollars to and they'd complain it was the wrong colour ink - that's life.

Entry Lists - it does not take that long at all for an entry list to be done - particularly with sfar's Entry List maker, its only a case of typing all the names in a list and cutting and pasting. But the same thing really, if a manager is unable to do one if they make it known someone else can do one for them.

Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean in the last sentence.

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
This. I think it should be a requirement to know how to make an OOP, EL, and draw. TBH the players aren't helpless...
That would be Ideal – but I don’t see that happening.

Originally Posted by rvugt View Post
But I agree on the player submitting in 2 tournaments which was very bad!
Me too

You can contact me on my TF Account or I rarely log on here anymore as became TF Admin.

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