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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for October

Originally Posted by rvugt View Post
Calm down! Nobody is blaming anybody.

But I agree on the player submitting in 2 tournaments which was very bad!

But you are all right about it, the only thing I said that it is very easy to complain afterwards, while people can also change it earlier. So it is also up to the players to make the best of a tournament if the manager sucks, it is not only the manager who can do things. That is why I mention freak3yman when he posted the draws in my tournament! So that was not a defense, it was just that I think that complaining is pretty easy.
Just as an example, I once posted the OOP not really early because there were problems with the OOP not out at the moment I was online. I later found the OOP, so it was posted. The next day people complained that they were not able to send because of the late OOP. But in the rest of the thread, nobody asked for the OOP. So, please people, if a manager forgot something you need, just ask in the thread!

To be honest, as a manager I don't like it if there is nothing said in the thread. Than it feels like people don't care about the tournament! So even complaints are better than nothing!
This. I think it should be a requirement to know how to make an OOP, EL, and draw. TBH the players aren't helpless...

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