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Re: Rafael Nadal Injury/Health Update Thread : Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC etc

Originally Posted by duong View Post
Seriously the Rosol referrence confirms the general impression which all of these words give me : he's in a moment of "escaping the truth", I mean including the truth about his knee and future, because the truth still hurts, and he's in derivatives, his mind is far far from the game of tennis atm.
I read his whole interview in French (he gave the same interview to l'Equipe, the Daily Mail, Marca and La Gazzetta Dello Sport) and he didn't give me as much the impression that he's escaping the truth : his mind is far from tennis atm, and a little bit in dreams as well, but he's still a realistic guy.

What's mostly clear for him is that he wants to be 100% recovered before coming back (he says "before deciding where and when I will play" hence the fact that he says he has no idea about it and probably hence the quote which scared some about the Aus open, didn't mean more than "I don't know" imo).

Beside the Rosol-quote, he says that he played with anti-inflammatories, injections, the last two matches of Roland-Garros and the first matches of Wimbledon. Maybe he should not have played Wimbledon, his training previous week was awful, but it's hard to stop when you are winning.

Was very happy the way he played until Roland-Garros, he felt he could win anywhere and thought it was one of his best seasons (which his Ricoh matchstats confirm by the way - generally speaking his whole interview sounds full of confidence about his tennis level : he thinks there's no reason he would not come back to the same level after several months out).

He says that already in 2009, he didn't have the same physical level as in 2005 but "it's normal and you only lose if you don't add something beside" here saying that his game changed a lot and he plays shorter points than before.

Seldom played with pain in 2010 and 2011.

Says that he will try to play more on clay and less on hardcourts but "doesn't have many options for that".

Also two notes from him which I fully agree with but which are very bad for tennis journalism and all the kind of comments you read in articles and also among fans :

Originally Posted by Rafael Nadal
Everyone says that sport is mental. It's amazing how many people come to me and say, "Wow, mentally, you're this. Wow, mentally, you're that." One should not forget that to put the ball that near from line, it's primarily technical. Then it is physical. The mental part is only involved when you get to the limit.
Originally Posted by Rafael Nadal
Why did Murray win his first slam now? Have you noticed improvements related to his work with Lendl?

I understand your job. You need reasons, explanations for everything to write. But seriously, I don't see any differences between the Murray from six months ago and the one from now. If you are able to play four Grand Slam finals, it's that you're capable of winning one. It does not make such a difference.

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