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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by Betty View Post

Hema a jan baby for u toohope yr will sleep more

I think it's sort of nice that the baby is born in Jan because you can't go out anyway the first three months or so and by the time the baby is a little less fragile it will be summer. As for personality, I guess we'll match each other in being stubborn.

Originally Posted by Castafiore View Post
you're a suck-up with a tendency to throw a select number of MTF'ers under the bus to get into the good books of another select group. That's a fact and one which you confirm time and time again.

You called me a Fedtard tard. Now let's see. In the past few weeks, I have rarely posted on GM and here. The people I have interacted the most with are

1) gaitare- he's a Fedtard I suppose but hardly vocal about it- don't think he's ever mentioned it to me.

2) Thanos- avowed Fed hater.

3) Andreea- Rafatard/Nolehater

4) finishingmove- Fed/fedtard hater/Noletard

Occasionally I interact with

5) tripwires- Fedtard
6) Nathii- not a tard
7) AJ- not a top player tard
8) Gagsquet- Fedhater

Now my recent comments about MTFers:

1) JLH- I laughed at her post defending Nadal's looks -not at her.
2) Spoke in support of nick the greek(Noletard/Fedhater) and Topspindoctor(Rafatard), expressed admiration for sweetcleo(Rafatard)
3) Dissed Orka_n( Fedtard)
4) I also made a post saying Fedtards tamper with the ACC by being in the majority and in the past have also defended SdG and ClayDeath.

As for individuals, we all have our preferences and most of mine are unstated and unrevealed- so you can hardly draw any conclusions from the 4 odd posts I make in a day. I rest my case

“For life be, after all, only a waitin' for somethin' else than what we're doin'; and death be all that we can rightly depend on.” - Bram Stoker, Dracula
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