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Re: Rafael Nadal Injury/Health Update Thread : Spanish Press: Nadal not in DC etc

Some different questions from L'Equipe - Nadal seems to have dealt with that Rosol loss by telling himself it was indoors and not real tennis. Then again, if it helps him mentally, he may as well.... Also, funny he says he's an aggressive poker player!

"Rafael Nadal, you're a monster concentration tennis. Is what you're like when you play poker?
It is better not? Poker is a game where you have to be fully concentrated all the time. But what I love is that it is different from other card games. It is not by chance. There strategy. You can influence others at the table. Put a plan in place.

Is it true that you have a private poker coach?
It's true. This is a pro (it is the Spanish Mayolas Isaac Vega, world champion heads-up in 2006). I learn every day. For now, I only play with friends. It's just fun.

What kind of player are you? You only defend or are you super aggressive?
I'm kind of aggressive. Kamikaze not either, huh? I like to keep my self-control to control situations. I love this game analysis assumes

You have not played since your elimination in the second round Wimbledon, against Lukas Rosol. Where are you in your recovery?
Rosol? It was not a game. That day, I have not played a game of tennis (indoor reference conditions). Today, I am not yet ready to go on court, I still have not touched the racket but I work hard every day. I swim a lot - almost a kilometer per day - I do a lot of work in the gym and I'm following to the letter the treatment the doctors prescribed me.
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