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Re: Most tactically stupid player on tour?

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
Ive been seeing harrison and he is rising in my book. Dumb guy. Way behind baseline and pushes like he a shopping cart owner.
I did not quot this because of the actual post but to provide an update on the signature that is as we all know a temple of failures.
about the Federer Will Fall thread:

Originally Posted by Raferminator
Best damn thread I've ever read on MTF. You should be awarded for being a visionary. Some of us out here noticed it and appreciated it.
Well if a respected poster like Raferminator called it visionary...

That sig still features the bragging about Federer will fall (well he can't get any higher that #1 right) and the idiocy about Murray will never win a slam.

It will no doubt soon be edited to include some more legendary failures from our beloved Everfail, second in command in the depleted armies of Rafatardistan.
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