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Originally Posted by soulage View Post
I forgot to post it but in the last tennis magazine you've a report on player/father and you get interviews of Gilles and Carine. I you understand french it can interest you. Both were affected that he missed the birth.
Merci Soulage!

Google translate says

father of Timothy, 2 years
"It's important for me
Carine and Timothy with me
on the circuit, to spend more time
all that see me play. I have a
Carine big confidence, it helps me
enormously. When I'm in the tournament,
I need to be focused. their presence
by my side I do not interfere because it was
found our mode of operation.
Carine manages all the work with Timothy
that it goes well. I try to
possible not to change
my operation when they are there because
I have a rhythm tournament that I do
not change. So I support much less
Carine Timothé with what I
when I'm at home, I try where there
take care all day.
But I never gave up fight
a tournament because of my family. Apart
the time of his birth that I
fitted, but does not pass
as expected. I expected nothing
play after the U.S. Open in 2010 because it was
scheduled for mid-September. "Unfortunately,"
Timothy came for! I'm not very
lived well having missed the birth.
It was a mixed feeling a little high
joy, excitement and huge high
disappointment at the time. Birth is a
particular time, it will lack ...
I knew from the start that there would
difficult times, I will not be there,
I will miss things. Nowadays, there
has many ways to communicate,
we try to make the most even
if the time difference, it is never
I hoped that the birth of my son
make it more calm on the ground, but it
has not been the case. Unfortunately I
always so tense! I'm just
happiest man in my life. on
field, it has not changed anything in my efforts,
in my motivation, but after a defeat
painful, I'm happy to go
the house and retrieve them, it helps me
greatly to evacuate.

companion of Gilles Simon
"Gilles and I had already decided
the departure of the support in a maximum
tournaments. I had not lived well that
Gilles has missed the birth of Timothy
because he was at the U.S. Open. Can not
share this special moment, I do not "remained
across the throat, "even if Gilles
arrived four days later and was able to remain a
week with us before leaving sectional
Two weeks after his birth, Timothy
was already on the circuit, since we went to
Metz, where Gilles has become! I remember
we had a great hotel room but
not isolated corner to Timothy. then
every time he cried, I took all
away in my arms he wakes
Gilles not. I was nursing in the bathroom
bathroom or in the hallway of the hotel. and yet
Today, when we go with Gilles
tournament, it is not really to see the
Gilles really need to match to be
confidence. So he made his program without
consider us. And we are trying to
be added. In March, I followed Acapulco
Indian Wells and Miami, because it was a
months we had not seen and that if we do
not see him this time, we do not see
not before an eternity. Timothy, in the long
demanded his father, Gilles is not well and I
either. Tournament, trying if possible
to have a large room or two
rooms for Gilles
can recover from jetlag. A
Indian Wells this year, the room was very
large but not very well suited. Timothy
slept in a large closet! eve
match, it has happened to me to offer
Gilles going to sleep with Thierry (Tulasne
coach) for it to rest.
During periods when we are separated, we
seen every day by video, if the offset
permits. It's part of the ritual end
day, there is a bath, a meal, and then say
Dad goodnight before going to bed.
Whenever Gilles returned from a tournament
it is Timothé changed, so it is a little
frustrated I think. He missed his first steps,
it was during the Asian tour in autumn
last year.
When Gilles is at home in Switzerland, was
a small quiet family life without tennis,
no call. Gilles becomes a dad
hen he cares much, he learns to
"Play" tennis racket with its small.
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