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Re: Are there players in the top 100 who smoke ?

Originally Posted by Tyson0712 View Post
As far as i know, Vulturrer enjoys polluting his lungs. A disgusting habit for a professional sportsman and one who considers himself a role-model. Not a good look for tennis when one of it's highest ranked players is an avid smoker who support huge corporations that don't give a damn about the well-being of humans. It's an unhealthy habit and not something that should be promoted on the world stage.
LOL you're such a pathetic hater, Tyson. If there are so many pictures of him smoking, as you claim, then let people produce them. I've never seen one, and I'm a fan so I do spend time actively looking for pictures.

Now I couldn't care less if he smokes or not. He's certainly extremely fit and if he can reach that physical condition, while smoking, then, good for him... It's a persistent rumour, I wouldn't be surprised if there was truth in it. I highly doubt he's a heavy smoker as some have implied, though.

Now it shouldn't surprise me, coming from you, knowing your sense of measure, but claiming that he's "promoting" smoking is utterly ridiculous. If he's really been smoking that much all these years, and there has never been any better evidence than what I've seen, and the photos you're talking of but cannot produce, then he's quite good at hiding it and thus certainly not "promoting" it.

Originally Posted by Deathless Mortal View Post

This is 100% legit.
OK you got me, this pic is obviously 100% genuine.
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