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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
I'd be totally ok with that, in fact I do believe clay should be slow. I'm not against slow courts at all, just want variety. Roland Garros should definitely be by far the slowest Slam tournament. Clay has always been a surface where court craft, strategy, movement endurance, fitness... matter more than shotmaking and it should remain that way. It's actually good that clay is that surface since it's the easiest one on the knees and joints.

That said, Berdych reached the MC semis this year getting relatively close to beating Nole, and JMDP played a great match vs Nadal on super slow Spanish clay, they can both play on slow claycourts, although of course they'd struggle more to impose their game there.
Lenders, your posts over the last pages are like a voice of reason. I couldn't agree with you more. Clay should stay clay and Nadal should be able to win his tournaments on it quite easily. However, making Wimbledon a clay tournament in the 2nd week is something that simply MUST change. But this is specific to slams, the speed of courts should be evened out throughout the season just like you said, make some of them super slow, make some super fast and mix up the middle ground for the rest of the tournaments.

Djoko/Murray/Nadal fans seem to always think that people who talk of speeding up the courts want the Sampras era back where serves were 90% of the game everywhere you played. No. Just that serve & volley is 1 more way of playing the game, it's legitimate and there should be some tournaments where that strength should be rewarded. As the most dominant play style in the 90s it has completely disappeared now and that's just as problematic.

We need a middle ground allowing players of all styles a chance to shine and surface specialists to make a come back. I still believe the top 4 would remain the top 4 (it's not like Djoko mugged out on the fast courts of cinci this year now is it? He made a final rather easily) but upsets like Nadal in Wimbledon should happen more as surface specialists get a chance to get the jump on the top players.
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