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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by GOATsol View Post
Yes, this past US Open final was just fantastic.
That particular match wasn't, but other eras had plenty of mug matches as well. I am mainly disagreeing with people saying that slower courts = automatic pushathon. AO 2012, 2009, W 2008, Rome 2006, AO 2005 semi were all super long, epic and intense matches that didn't involve pushing, had good amount of defensive play and shotmaking etc. Watching someone like Sampras win Wimbledon being broken 3 times with the longest rally being <10 shots is no less shitty than this year's USO final.

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
It's hard to believe that anyone would want the top 4 to stay around for years to come. Can you honestly say that you want absolutely no change with the top players of the game?
For now, yes. Because new generation is made up of mugs like Young, Sock and Tomic. Have fun watching them winning slams when the big 4 retire
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