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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
Still confused as ever. I honestly know very few people who wouldn't want the top 4 to lose their positions at the top. So therefore keeping them at the top and advertising to death will just give us more exposure to them and therefore lose interest in them faster (which many have already) So because generally speaking not many people like the top 4 anymore, how exactly are they making money?
Because you're thinking about real tennis fans, which are a minority. The majority are gloryhunters/player fans. You see that phenomenon on MTF too; a good % of posters are not tennis fans, but fans/tards of *insert top 4 player here*. This kind of fan is the majority and the target audience, you don't want them to be interested in tennis per se, you want to give them superstars to bandwagon/idolize.

There's also sponsors of course: what better way to hype up the sport to the sponsors than with this golden era with amazing top 4 BS?

Real tennis fans want things to change, but unfortunately the $$$ doesn't come from them.

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
The brutality of it was immense. None of the guys from the past would have survived something like that. It gave a perspective to pushing this sport to new limits.
It definitely gave a new perspective to pushing, that's for sure
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