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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
But Women's Tennis in general is actually starting to get more popularity while Men's Tennis is losing popularity.

That's what I mean, how would they be money makers for the ATP when it's the fans paying for tickets, watching matches, and just generally being involved with Tennis that makes their money. And if the fans are disinterested (like they are now) then the ATP loses money
I said the top 4 are cash cows, not the sport in general. I agree men's tennis is probably losing (genuine) fans, not everyone can put up with pushathons everywhere. But by hyping up four players to superstar status at the expense of everyone else and the sport in general, the ATP are making huge profits.

Don't you remember to which lengths the organizers were to make sure Ferrer and Berdych had no chance of winning their semis at the USO? Tennis isn't more popular than ever, but the 'Big 4' is. Everything must done to milk that cash cow for all it's worth, and given how one dimensional 2/3 of them are slowing the courts down more and more to make them as immune to upsets as possible is the way.
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