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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
Actually the biggest and funniest case was a fedtard turning into a noletard when Nole started kicking everyone's ass in 2011. Anyone remember federers_mate? Man, I was starting to warm up to that guy but then he got permabanned. Biggest injustice in MTF. He would roam freely when he was the most obnoxious fedtard but as soon as he sees the light and turns into an interesting poster, he is banned. Go figure.
fed's mate was a clown of the highest order, i can't believe djoker community actually started warming up to that fangirl bandwagoner. If he wasn't banned he would probably be back praising Noserer and hurling insults at "faker" which he used to do a lot.
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