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Re: Who will win the 2013 Davis Cup and Draw Dicussion Thread

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
I think it will be Nestor/Vasek. Vasek seems to be better at doubles than Milos imo. When Laurendeau chose Milos for that doubles match against the french, I don't think many agreed with him. It backfired, they lost, then Milos had an injury concern and didn't play the 4th rubber.

In my mind that test failed, it showed that there was no real advantage in playing Milos over Vasek for the doubles, and on top of that you want Milos healthy, and you want to ensure he is healthy. Of course you want Vasek healthy too, but you don't need him as much in the final rubber, as he wouldn't have that much a chance to win anyway. So I think it will almost always be Nestor/Vasek until Nestor retires anyway, but I'm not Martin Laurendeau, and I don't get to choose.

Also, I believe Nestor said he wanted to play with Vasek against France, and they played Milos/Nestor anyway, I don't think they'd go against that again if Nestor wants Vasek.

But no I've not heard anything official, but I'd be shocked if it was Milos in the doubles if Vasek was healthy
yes and that doubles match against france shows that his choices dont always make sense.To me that says that he thinks the strongest doubles combination is, for whatever reason milos/vasek

so for that reason and the fact that vasek and daniel havent done that well recently as a doubles team im think milos and vasek might be given another try

even though anyone with a brain could see that the best choice is indeed vasek and daniel.
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