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Re: Why was carpet ended?

Originally Posted by GOATsol View Post
I agree that the USO final was a worse pushfest than any nadull match.

I disagree about the grass- I think it slowed down quite a bit.
The USO final was a worse pushfest than any other match in recent memory. It was simply horrendous, hurt the eyes just watching. If this is the future of tennis, then it's a dire future - doesn't get much worse than one dimensional baseline grinders dominating the game unopposed.

Of course the courts, namely hardcourts, won't be sped up because that'd mean the ATP cash cows would often be sent packing before the SFs. Fuck the quality of the tennis as long as they're making money

Djokovic vs Murray on (slow) HC is a particularly dire matchup: those two are pretty much carbon copies of each other as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned - both are return/defense oriented players with great backhands and movement... - and neither can hit through the other's defense, so not only are we treated to pushathons but it's like they're mirroring each other on court. I can hardly think of a matchup with less variety on display.

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