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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for October

Originally Posted by Mahqz View Post
First I've to say I didn't want to blame anybody personally. Two different things happened with a distance of 3 days. I grumbled because of late diffs on Saturday as I expected Freak3y would post diffs the whole week. I did not know that you will post them on weekdays. Then today it was the other way round, too early and I thought a board member would know that it's not good as it happened quite often this year. But probably I've chosen all 4 tournaments where it happened this year.
So it was the addition of the things that happened from Saturday to Tuesday which made me so grumpy.
Again I didn't want to point a finger on anybody and if somebody feels personally attacked by me I'm really sorry.
And for sure in an arguement nobody is right in every point and of course I wasn't in this one.

Early deadlines are another point you can argue about. I really like them (if the OOP is out early enough) as I said. But I also understand the opposit arguments.

I still want to help as much as I can, as I also tried in Izmir but if I wanna manage whole tournaments I've to think about for one evening/night.
I can understand you mentioning something once, but the late diffs were 3 days ago(!) And I've explained before that I told Boarder I would be busy this week, but he still put me down to manage so I'm doing my job. I was planning on posting the diffs on time, but I slept through my alarm and posted them as soon as I realized that. I play many tournaments where diffs are posted late, but it really doesn't affect anything and I really couldn't care less. I honestly don't know what you're trying to ask here You've seemed to be the only player concerned about this.

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