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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Wonder if fast clay will start his thread with ridiculously biased odds again. Basically had only Nadal fans in the top 10 at some point, including me, most of them didn't get past round 2
Nonsense. Those odds were reflecting pretty well the atmosphere of the forum at the time. And there were not only Nadal fans there, for example saberq was #1 at one point I remember after his youtube-trolling endeavors. Start da Cowardice, Clay Death & Filo V were low oddsers as well, that's true, but that was entirely realistic. SdG would have won it if he had not pulled out.

Originally Posted by darcis_forehand View Post
That is why Murray decided to injure himself and Djokovic, to help Berdych.

Tea of truth:

Originally Posted by ibreak4coffee View Post
It is Fabio's world and we are all just living in it
Originally Posted by JimmyV View Post
We should be appreciative of Federer though, because we will never see anything like him again. The fact he can still compete for slams ever after the erosion of his physical skills is really a greater testament to the natural talent he has than the period of time when he was dominating the tour.
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