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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Need managers for October

Recently I was involved in a situation in TT where a rule I didn't really know about knocked me out of a week of TT. This matter was handled between me and the Board done by PMs. I still don't think that rule should have been used in my case, but it was decided by the Board that it should be. I didn't go around demanding that all the Board members quit because I didn't like the way something was handled. Nor am I going to stop playing TT because of what happened! Mistakes and misunderstanding can easily happen in a game that is as complicated as TT actually is! (Believe me until I started reading two long threads about TT I had no idea of everything that could happen!) We need managers for TT and right now we have new managers and some former managers are coming back which I personally think is a good thing! But in the "heat of the moment" things can get said out in public that should not have been said or at least not said in public. The people that play TT should realize that if there aren't managers we can't play TT! And shouldn't be trying to run off the managers we have! I don't think those posters could run a TT--I know I certainly could never do it! So I hope Mahqz will continue to manage because after a TT is over I have found that things about the running of the TT are quickly forgotten as everyone moves on to the next TT. So just get this TT over with as best you can and then let everyone forget about it which I would say is exactly what will happened


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