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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

The Belgian national team STILL needs to prove just about everything.

Take our captain for instance. Top man, has proven his worth for Man. City already. However, each time Belgium plays a practice match against a country (like The Netherlands in August), Vincent Kompany will just about all ways say that he can't play due to an "injury".
They're never going to be a proper team if they don't start taking it more seriously.
I'm convinced that Kompany's league team orders him to save himself so he has to invent an injury each time Belgium plays a match with no qualifications at stake.
I fear that Hazard and Witsel (who have more to prove yet than Kompany) will start doing the same more and more.
They've cost their team a lot of money so I understand it from their viewpoint. But don't give us the Belgian pride they've been feeding us in the last couple of months.

There's a lot of talent in the Belgian team but they're not functioning as a team yet. How can they when their mind is on their league team even when playing for the national team?

I like Vincent Kompany but I do wish he'd shut the hell up if he starts rambling about taking the Belgian team to Rio. I simply don't believe him. You don't get to qualify for Rio by only listening to what City orders you to do, Vince.

In short, I believe that the Belgian team is currently overhyped.


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