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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! speedy recovery from shoulder injury.

GilleSimonAddict, great job on the tweets! Fowler should have been a bigger person and should have owned up to both not knowing something he and other on the broadcast should have known about and thanked you for it. But the important thing was that he did read the tweets and it did affect what was said on the air. I'm sorry I haven't heard any updates, in (non-)answer to your question.

MsTree, nearly all of the commentators on the US tennis broadcasts are former players (Gilbert, the McEnroes, Drysdale (who is South African), Evert, Navratilova, Cahill (who is Aus.), Carillo, etc.). So I am not sure to whom you are reacting. The other people who are on some of the broadcasts (like Fowler, Storm, and McAtee) are under contract to cover lots of events on different sports, so the networks are just getting what they think is their money's worth by putting them to work on lots of sporting events, and other than those in coordinating roles who may do an interview or two, these people are there basically to ask questions of people like McEnroe to keep the commentary going. So it's understandable that they will not know as much about players as we'd like. But I think the former players should know about all of the top players and they should be embarrassed to keep spouting misinformation. And IMHO, the networks should definitely get some assistants in there to do research before the matches and prep them.

Not to generalize, but the British commentators who are on the Tennis Channel here are not good.
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